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Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author

First Nano Weekend




So it’s Day 4 of Nano and you have your first full weekend of writing behind you. How did you do? Did the words leap off the page? All of the prepping and the excitement is sure to give you a sense of euphoria. Use the energy now to get the words down. It will help with the inevitable crash or the one day when your kids want something other than pizza for dinner and you have to pull yourself away from the blinking cursor.

According to estimates, Nano participants should average about 1667 words a day to complete the 50,000 word novel challenge by months end.  I’m already a little behind the 8 ball 🙂 As of this morning I clocked in with 3k. Not bad for a start but not where I need to be either. In my defense, I promised myself time with my contemporary WIP first before working on my NANO project. Small price to pay to assuage my guilt at the crazy decision to jump into this. LOL. I’m going to kick it in gear this week and hopefully catch up.

Keep up your spirits if the words didn’t necessarily flow off the page as you expected. This is only the beginning.

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