WeWriWa #8sunday

It’s Sunday again. My favorite day of the week. Welcome Weekend Writing Warriors. If you want to check out my other warriors go to www.wewriwa.com. I switched it up this week to start using sentences from my upcoming sci-fi release Honor Bound.  Below, please enjoy my unedited 8 🙂


“The charge is murder.”

     Vaan stood before the head of the Kaban Council, unable to believe the words he heard. The official red robes of a council member swayed about Councilor Radon’s ankles as he paced. The hasty proceedings taking place made a mockery of the penalty system Vaan instituted.

Looking to his side, the stoic expression on the faces of his finest warriors filled Vaan with pride. His men would give no one the pleasure of witnessing their emotions.

“How do you plead, Overlord Galip?”

 Vaan Galip did not plead for any man.


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