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Release Day!!


It’s Here!! The Overlord’s Heir releases today on Amazon and Smashwords. And for a limited time only, it will be available for .99 before going to its regular price of $1.99. TOH is the novella sequel to Honor Bound and I did my best for it to read as a stand alone but the characters are enjoyed more if the first book is read. I’m so excited. LOL. Also, Project Genesis will be available on Smashwords at the end of August.



With his enemy defeated and order re-established, Vaan plans to enjoy his life with his Raasa mate. Mikayla’s upcoming birth makes his heart sing with joy.

Mikayla prepares for the birth of her first youngling with her Overlord mate. This should be a happy time but Vaan must return to Kaban and reassure his people that he yet lives.

There are still those not pleased at the turn of events with Thenl’s downfall and seek to destroy what the Overlord has built. Will Vaan and Mikayla finally be able to relax or will trouble continue to follow them?



“The Ba’asi has attended many births. He’s never wrong.”

Mikayla’s answer did nothing to reassure him. Vaan cupped her delicate jaw. “My warrior son weighs heavy on you. I do not like this.”

Her lips quirked in a half-smile. A smile he adored. “Our youngling is well. You’re acting like a Noan with your worry.”

Vaan tapped her nose in retaliation for comparing him to a male childcare giver.

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  1. ~Judy~Judy

    Yay!! Congrats, Michelle and much success on your new release.

    July 26, 2014
  2. michellehowardwritesmichellehowardwrites

    Thanks Judy 🙂 I’m excited as always to push the publish button

    July 26, 2014

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