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Nano Advice and Thursday Tasters


If you’re looking to do Nanowrimo this November check out Kristen Lamb’s blog on How to Write a Terrific Novel by comparing it to your favorite movies. Great advice and I’m sure it will help many during the 30 day 50k challenge.

Write a Terrific Novel (NaNo), Minimize Revisions, & Improve Odds of Finishing AND Publishing

Now here is my selection for Thursday Tasters.:) Enjoy my small snippet of an idea I’m playing with. My hero is firefighter Brody McKenna who makes a brief appearance in No Reason to Run. Below Brody finds himself in a sticky situation. I plan to complete this in mid-2015 so we’ll see how much I get done using TT. LOL

Brody knew the moment the situation took a turn for the worst. His foot came down on a weak spot. A sudden crackle. The aged wood gave beneath his weight.

A jagged hole opened in the floor and he slid through. A last ditch effort had him throwing his body forward. The momentum sent him in the right direction. His gloved hands scrambled for purchase and caught on the rim of the opening. The lower half of his body hovered mid-air. Not today, McKenna. You don’t get to die on her fucking birthday.

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4 thoughts on “Nano Advice and Thursday Tasters”

  1. Linda HamonouLinda Hamonou

    Very intense! I like how he finds his reason to fight death.
    I’ll be doing NaNo too, I can’t wait for tomorrow.

    October 30, 2014
  2. Gemma ParkesGemma Parkes

    Tense snippet, good luck with NaNo!

    October 30, 2014
  3. Muffy WIlsonMuffy WIlson

    Michelle, you have no idea how tense that was for me on several levels. I heard a crack when I was younger (45!) and fell two lights. It was my ankle. I heard it again just now. Later, when we were moving, we were clearing out the old garage on the back of the property. It was used mostly for storage for our historic bar, restaurant and motel. At one time in it’s earlier life, it had been a cover for a shallow well drilled for spring water to make root beer. I heard a crack when I stepped on some old ply wood. I found the well and half my body was stuffed my the moment of my fall into the well. Good thing it was there to break my descent. You short snippet was so real to me, so vivid. Neither of those days were good for me, but better for him. His determination was palpable. Loved it. Write on. I cannot wait to read more. xo

    November 1, 2014

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