#Nano Update

Ok wonderful readers, this is nano update number 0000001. LOL. Nano started and we now have one weekend down and several more to go. At first I was concerned that I’d have to start on a Saturday. I thought I’d be distracted with kids and errands. Nope, apparently in my masochist state I decided to go to the market early, feed the kids, get chores done started cleaning and THEN pulled out the laptop, sat at the kitchen island with a glass of wine and snacks around 1-2pm and worked straight through the evening. Unbelievable. I wrote for 7 hours. Not only that I got 6k accomplished.


Not sure how good it is but I amazed myself as I plowed through the word count. In fact, I didn’t know how much I’d completed until I went to save the doc and checked. Blew my mind away. What caused this efficient outpouring? The only thing I think is that the night before I came up with an idea and jotted down a few bullets of scenes I wanted to occur. When I started on Saturday I just kinda followed what I planned from the night. When I went back to check my notes I did realize that I’d changed a characters name. LOL. Guess I was a true pantser.


Sunday was football Sunday so I was a little concerned but time went back in my neck of the woods so I woke refreshed and with an “extra” hour to get up and start writing. The hubby made breakfast while I knocked out 2k in two hours. Not bad. I watched a few games and then logged back on that night with every intention of making another dent in my nano project. Today is day 3 and I hope I’m as proficient with knocking out the story because I’m close to the middle which is always a struggle for me in any of my writing.


For those that are participating how’s nano treating you? Don’t get discouraged if the ideas didn’t flow immediately. It’s a fun challenge and I’m sure I’ll be cursing soon enough.


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