#Nano Update- 1 week

Oh nanowrimo why do I love thee? I think that’s my sarcasm font on. LOL. Alright-y, we’ve got one week under our belts for my fellow nano-ers. Um… or whatever we decide to call ourselves 🙂 I started off FANFREAKINGTASTIC for the weekend and fell to a quiet dribble. Granted lost internet, got sick, had an election day, school closed day and 101 other excuses that I feel are completely acceptable to explain my shortage. So there.

But in all seriousness, I managed to write but I didn’t hit the large numbers from Saturday and Sunday. I think the average is 1667 words per day for all 30 days of November to hit the 50k word goal. IF you’re on target today should see you around 11,669 words on your work of genius. I’m coming in at 18k. Ahead yes but behind when you consider I was at 14,800 going into Tuesday. 😦

Alas, ( I love that word) I’m still excited because it beats last years numbers so it gives me hope that I will be successful, I will hit the goal. Now how’s everyone else? Any write in scheduled for the weekend? huge word count goals? Share your nano success stories


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