Winding to a close

The year 2014 is winding to a close. In a few days, a matter of hours, we will shepherd in a new year. I’ve tried to outline plans for 2015 and when I went back to review my notes, it was clear that my eyes are bigger than my “fingers”. LOL.

Instead for giggles I went back to read what my plans for 2013 were when I started this blog and then my plans for 2014. You know… to see how my track record was and below is what I found.

2013-bullets are good, bullets are safe and detailed

  • Start Writing
  • Start a Blog
  • Enter a Contest
  • Finish WIP
  • Get it edited
  • Look at cover art
  • Beg/plead for beta readers
  • Self-publish
  • Rinse, wash, repeat on item #1, #4 and #5

2014-Apparently I took the easy route and gave a general summary. LOL

I figured I’d start with fresh goals for my writing in 2014. Last year I hit all of them and felt an amazing sense of satisfaction. (see pulse check posts) This year, fingers crossed, I’ve planned five new releases. Aggressive and bold but why not aim high? LOL. Two of the books and a novella are already complete.

What does 2015 have in store? More books, more books, more books. I’ll mix the summary and bullets for my writing goals this year in the interest of compromise.

  • Consistent writing schedule (I was all over the place this year)
  • Attend at least (1) writing conference (Romcon sched for Sept 2015)
  • (2) Warlord books
  • (3) Books for my new sci-fi series
  • Work on promo material and swag to giveaway



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