Last Hook of the year

This is the last hook for 2014 but I hope to participate in many more during the new year. Below I’ve included a hook from my novella Mating Urge in the Love Without Boundaries anthology.

It was just Aran and Dar hurrying with her through the streams of people at the space port for one of the larger military training facilities in the alliance. Jax had remained onboard the Zanian IX to complete landing procedures and to issue assignment distribution for the training the crew needed to partake in while here. Dar had received permission to accompany them. The lieutenant sent a smile Ellie’s way to boost her confidence.

It worked until her gaze landed on the six men dressed in all black waiting for them. Black button downed shirts with high collars were tucked into fitted black pants. The laser blasters strapped around their hips and tied to their thighs slowed her steps. Three of them had blond hair brushed back from their foreheads, gazes stern. The other three had dark hair. Wild. Dangerous.

Ellie came to a full stop in the middle of the port. She sensed Aran’s confusion but was unable to move. Those three were the ones to beware. The tallest of the group was also the biggest. He headed in their direction, pinning them with his dark stare. His hair fell about his shoulders daring the slightest breeze to disturb it.

“Ellie?” Aran pressed his hand to her lower back trying to move her forward.

Her feet dug in. She couldn’t. The breath rasped in her chest. Ellie curled her fingers into her palm. The urge to run screamed across her senses.

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Happy New Year!



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