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Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author

Holiday in 3 days?


How is that possible? The only saving grace is that my shopping is done. Most of the gifts are wrapped. I’ll finish tonight. Since one of my kids has a birthday this week, there will be non-stop gift giving because we go all out to make a separation between birthdays and the Christmas holiday. This equals crazy times, much laughter and loud things that go boom in the house. LOL. The husband and I will be grateful when the dust settles.

On the writing front, I have my next book out for editing and I’m waiting for the magic of the cover art process to see what it will look like (that’s a Christmas present to myself :).) As it gets closer to release there will be more information coming especially since I’m planning to try pre-order. Take pity on me as this will be a new process but I hope to have it figured out and get the pre-order link up soon. If you want to see an early cover reveal or sneak peek excerpt, be sure and sign up for my newsletter.

Also, I checked my book history and between the wee hours of the 22nd and today, I published my first book No Reason to Run. Shane and Olivia were my first couple to come to life in print and get their HEA. With one year under my belt I’m wiser with tons more to learn. I hope you stick around and enjoy the journey with me.