Get Hooked for the New Year

For my first hook of the year, I decided to take up where I left off with a snippet from my novella Mating Urge in the Love Without Boundaries anthology with MK Eidem and JA Hornbuckle. Enjoy!

“As expected, the disc caused quite the uproar. The Senate Leader has been arrested. He called in legal assistance immediately.”
“And Ellie?”
Aran sensed Dar shifting his weight beside him but his focus stayed on his commander.
Jax shook his head, guilt stamped on his features. “I’m sorry.”
Aran staggered back. The words hit him like a blow to the mid-section. His claws exploded from his fingertips and he barely heard either man over his snarls and growls.
“Aran! Aran! Get yourself together, Chief. Ellie Cage needs you.”
What? Aran fought hard for control against his cat. The animal raged inside wanting only to seek those who’d hurt Ellie. Spill their blood. He struggled to make sense of Jax’s words. “Is she alive?”
Aran sagged. Relief so great he saw spots in front of his eyes cascaded through him and he had to shake his head to dispel the dizziness. He ignored the wary looks from both men. “Where’s Ellie? Where’s my mate, Jax?”

Love Without Boundaries

Available at Amazon, BN, Kobo and ibooks

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