Author Spotlight-H.Q. Frost

Welcome Everyone. Today for my author spotlight, I have Destructive Gods by H.Q. Frost. This is her first release and sure to be a delight.

Destructive Gods cover


A quiet but unmistakable moan floated from her mouth while he kissed her. She wanted to lift her arms, but her motor functions weren’t connecting with her brain singles. She cursed the cocaine; she had a hard enough time getting her body to collaborate with her brain when she was around Ian sober.

His tongue slid across hers into her mouth then back to the tip. Hovering over her, he felt her trembling while he played with her tongue. When he pulled away, disappointment washed over her because she couldn’t even reach out for him, but seconds later she heard him removing his belt. It seemed like the world hung in suspended time before he was kneeling on the bed at her feet. He slowly pulled her leggings off, then lifted her leg and ran his teeth across the instep of her foot. A quiet squeak left her, and the attempt to pull away from the tickle was futile with her sluggish motor functions. When he wrapped his mouth around her big toe, the quiet squeak became a low moan. Kissing across her foot to the inside of her ankle, he ran his tongue up her calf.

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BIO: H.Q. Frost is a fiction dictator of contemporary romance, but not limited to. After writing for nineteen years, Destructive Gods is her first published release. 


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