MFRW Get Hooked

Here we are 3 days away from heart day. I still have to buy Valentines for the kids. I always try to get them a little something and I have one childlet that still exchanges Valentines with a class.(already bought) The hubby and I are going parking. Yep, parking. LOL. Of course unlike our youthful dating years we will be doing it at the far end of our driveway hidden beneath the trees. Flirtatious kisses coming our way 🙂 Now enough of my heartful moment let’s get to the hook. Below I tried to pick a moment between the hero and heroine in my WIP that fit the season but without spoilers so its not necessarily in order with last weeks hook but it is another kiss of a sorts. LOL

Had he kissed her back? Shaina couldn’t be certain. Embarrassment heated her face until it burned.

“This will not be a union in deed only,” he murmured.

Shaina shivered. “It’s done. From now on I, Shaina C’Err belong to Argan Kril and Argan Kril belongs to me.”

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