Wewriwa-Warlord Teasers

Welcome back everyone to another week of snippets in 8 sentences from authors of all genres. Each week we share a sample of a previous book or upcoming book or sometimes a work in progress. Go here to check it out http://www.wewriwa.com.  This week I’m continuing with the next book in my Warlord series so it’s a work in progress. I’ve managed to avoid getting the blurb done but I’ll have to face the music soon. LOL.

The story is about the best friend of my hero in Honor Bound. Last weeks 8 showed Argan, a warlord who thought he knew exactly what he wanted from life, watching two of his friends who have found love and he’s starting to reevaluate things. My heroine is just what the tough warlord needs.

Puffs of air escaped her parted lips as Shaina leaped from one boulder to the next. Loud grunts ahead, warned that the Gorn she and her men tracked were not far ahead.

“Hettle,” she cursed as her feet skipped and slid down the rocky incline, kicking up red dust on the trail.

Justan glanced back and hesitated, silver eyes alight.

“Don’t,” she growled. If the others considered her a weakness, Shaina wouldn’t stand a chance resisting Ivak’s attempts to rest her rule away.

Lips firm, he nodded abruptly and increased his pace down the slope. Fortunately, the other three men with them missed the byplay.


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