#MFRW Hooks and Warlords

Another week and another hook 🙂 We got snow on Saturday night and again on Monday night. Nothing too crazy but pretty to look at. They are calling for another attack from the white fluffies later this week but fingers crossed its nothing to crazy unlike the northeast. Some of the pictures have been mind boggling to behold. Stay warm and dry for those in the areas hardest hit. Below is my hook from my upcoming release in my Warlord series. It’s so hard narrowing it down to a scene without having to give a lot of set up but here it goes. And don’t forget you can check out other links here http://mfrwbookhooks.blogspot.com/

“I need you.”

Her words inflamed him. Rigid control kept his hands where they were though his chest expanded with every breath. She had no idea what saying those words did to him. Before Argan could question her further, the floor outside his door creaked. They both turned at the same time. She gripped the hilts of her swords in each hand, legs braced apart. A loud thump pounded on the wood.

“Argan, you are wanted below. There is a dispute among the visiting warriors.”

Frustration ate at him. He had to address the matter with the warriors. “I will attend them shortly,” he called out.

They both waited until the footsteps walked away. She moved placing herself in the darkest section of his room where no light pierced the shadows. “I should leave. Now is not the best time to discuss this.”



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