Get Hooked on Romance…Warlords Abound

One of my favorite days of the week next to Friday 🙂 Hump day means we’re half-way through. AND it’s March. Winter is hopefully on its way out. Not sure about anyone else but I’m tired of the ice. This week I’m using a hook from my upcoming release in the Warlord Series. Last week, we met Argan’s heroine and we played with some kissing before that. Those were Argan’s softer sides so I thought I’d give a little of the Warlord in him. 🙂 Also, go get hooked and see what everyone else is doing

“You will not take chances during this fight, Shaina.”

She glared. “I know.”

“Do not get hurt,” Argan added.

“I won’t.”

“If he…”

Shaina cut him off. “You will do nothing during the challenge, Argan. I can best him.”

Argan exhaled and came to a stop. He waited until Justan passed them and then pulled Shaina close. “You can not know what this battle will do to me.”

She snorted, blowing air on his chest. “It’s not a battle.”

“It is for me if I must stand by while my bride fights a warrior who I know seeks to harm her.”

She lifted her head and her gaze softened. “I promise not to lose.”

Apparently her answer did not appease him. “I will hold you to your promise or his head will roll on the ground beside your feet moments after you are done. Do not lose.”

I guess he told her. LOL. Argan’s story Rise of the Shadow Warriors is available for pre-order on Amazon and Smashwords. Barnes and Nobles, Apple ibooks and Kobo links are coming soon.

Amazon Rise of the Shadow Warriors: Warlord Series Book 3



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