WeWriWa-A World Beyond Snippet


Thanks everyone for the help with word choice last week. Today I’m sharing another 8 from Arak’s story. For those following the hop, don’t forget to see what other authors are sharing 🙂 http://www.wewriwa.com. Last week we left Arak sneaking into a Marenian facility. Now for my snippet.

“Don’t move.”

The low order came from his right. Arak leaped to his feet, weapon aimed and only his core reflexes kept him from firing off a return shot at the two women across the room. He jerked the barrel of his laser toward the ceiling.

“I’m Jutak. I won’t harm you.” He knew he looked a sight in his all black combat gear with multiple weapons strapped to his body.

His nose twitched as the scent of their fear assaulted him.

Arak’s story will be out this spring, sometime in May.



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