The last weekend in March gave us snow despite the high of 70 a few days ago. Weather really has no pattern. LOL. I’m sharing my 8 sentences from Arak’s Love but its from the heroine’s POV to switch things up. If you want to follow along on the blog that gets you sneak peeks of WIP’s and new releases click here http://www.wewriwa.com.

   The door to the cargo room slid open and another alien entered. Sylvie stepped further back in her cage until she bumped the bars. The air pulsed with violence from his arrival and her fellow prisoners obviously sensed the same because a few of the women began to cry. Sylvie shoved her trembling hands beneath her armpits refusing to join them.

The large male wore navy pants that clung to massive thighs and a black collarless shirt that struggled to contain his broad chest. What unnerved her most were the black curved horns that extended from his temples. Like many on Earth she accepted the fact that life existed on other worlds. She’d studied her SP packet with the species who were compatible with Earth women and many of them didn’t meet humanoid standards but none of them…none of them resonated evil like this beast of a man.


Coming Soon 2015


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