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Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author



I almost forgot that April is the 2 year anniversary for my blog- so happy Friday and happy anniversary 🙂 Two years ago this month I was scribbling away furiously on a notepad and typing on a laptop when done. Two years ago this month I never thought I’d finish that novel. I did and went on to write more. I’m beyond happy that I started this blog and started writing. Thanks to my sister and Judy for helping get me where I am today, writing and loving the chance to share my stories of love and romance. Below is the first book I published. It’s a contemporary romance about my hero Shane loving his solitary life until his path crosses Olivia who’s on the run.




Perhaps because he’d been raised by a single mother. Or the fact that his sister was such a strong mother after the death of her husband. Whatever the case, he had no intention of ignoring Olivia-no-last-name’s plight. It was evident she had nowhere to go with her child. Only a heartless idiot would abandon her to the unknown. Hell, he couldn’t even leave her alone in his house. Her cries increased, sounding as if her heart was going to break.

Shane crossed the distance separating them. She must not have heard him enter because she jumped and pushed him away when he hugged her.

“Easy, princess.” He murmured the words close to her ears in hopes of stopping her frantic struggles. At the sound of his voice, she hesitated and then her weight shifted. Her cries died down to sniffles but she allowed him to hold her, the child nestled between them. He bowed his head, keeping them near and smelled baby powder.

Baby-fucking-powder. Mitchell, you are off your game. Somehow, it didn’t matter. None of it.



He had no reason to get involved

Ex-military soldier Shane Mitchell enjoyed uncluttered life just the way it was. He didn’t need or want to take on anyone’s problems.

She had no reason to trust a stranger

Ex-wife to a powerful politician, Olivia discovered a secret that made her a danger to his career. On the run with her daughter, she doesn’t see any other way to get help.

There was no reason for them to count on each other

Together Shane and Olivia find there’s no reason to run from their past and the feelings they have for one another

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    Happy Blog-A-Versary! I’m glad you started writing, too! 🙂

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