A Warlord’s Heart-sneak peek

In just a few weeks my novella A Warlord’s Heart will be out on all retailers. I included an excerpt in my March newsletter but I don’t think I’ve shared any snippets on my blog. Well, today I’m sharing 🙂 I chose a small scene without too many spoilers (I think) LOL. Oh and the cover is how I picture Warlord Ramar. Vaan’s hair is way longer.

“I’m fine, Kavan.”

“You are not,” he denied with a knowing look as he propped himself against the closed door.

Miki sighed and sat on the edge of the bed and plucked at the legs of her brown pants. “It doesn’t matter.”

Kavan tipped his head to the side. “Then why does it weigh heavy on your mind? Do you think Overlord Vaan would love you less if he knew the truth?”

“No,” she whispered aloud but her mind cried yes.

Kavan glared at her. “I assure you my Sire does not care how you came to find him. You saved our lives and for that we are in your debt.”

Miki’s lips curled up in a smile as her heart lightened. “If you don’t stop Kavan, I’ll believe you finally like me despite your constant claims otherwise.”

Kavan offered her one of his rare grins. “I do not like you but you are amusing to be around.” He bowed low. “Rest easy, my lady.”


A Warlord’s Heart: Warlord Series 3.5





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