I’m back and sharing another excerpt in 8 lines from my WIP Arak’s Love. To see what others are sharing visit here http://www.wewriwa.com. This week my hero is in a tight situation.

“Are you picking up on anything?” Kyele murmured, shifting his attention to the open doorway.

Arak arched a brow at the question. The others trusted the animal DNA he’d inherited from his mother but this was the first time Kyele spoke of it. “If you mean do I want to go down there, then the answer is no. Something is way off which means we can’t not go down there.”

Kyele smirked and his green eyes misted with dark shadows. “I’m ready when you are, cat boy.”

Hit a tight spot similar to Arak so took time off to focus on what I wanted. Of course this involved rewriting several key scenes and a few tweeks to change attitudes to fit the scene changes. Back on track now.



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