What a busy weekend its been. Well the whole week has been a big rat race, lots of scrambling with end of the year school stuff for the kids and the bright idea to do home improvement projects when its blistering hot out. At least we managed to see the new Jurassic World. Absolutely loved! Would totally go and see it again. LOL. Anyhoo, back to the reason you’re here 🙂 Another chance to catch up on snippets and WIP by authors sharing their stories. To get a full list visit http://www.wewriwa.com. Below I decided to share from Project Genesis. Aliens attack Earth and our hero realizes that his ex lover is in the middle of a battle zone.

Wind rattled the lone window above them followed by the screech of fighter jets. Gunfire sounded followed by silence as the battle traveled further away from them. “Let’s move,” Vin ordered, jumping to his feet. He wanted to get to Helen as soon as possible. That was too close for comfort. If the Rekabians decided to level the building they were all done.


“I’m okay.”

Vin released a relieved smile, “That’s my girl. On my way, hellcat.”




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