Mating Urge

So glad the weekend warmed up. We had lots of rainy days this week and after the brief bit of sun it felt like a set back. Hopefully the weather will hold and we’ll have plenty of heat this week. Today is wewriwa which means another snippet to share. Feel free to see what else is going on at I’m using Mating Urge again and skipped ahead. In honor of Arak’s Love going on sale, I chose a small scene with him in it. (barely) 🙂 Ellie is still in hot water and Aran is entrusting the Jutaks to watch over her temporarily.

The rest of Torkel’s men caught up to them and formed a semi-circle behind their leader. Aran snarled and took a half-step back with Ellie in his arms. One of the dark haired men with eyes of blue steel raised his palms up in surrender and moved back several feet.

Torkel glanced over his shoulder in surprise. “Arak?”

His man offered a rueful grin. “I’m part Argoran and he’s newly mated. I can smell their combined scent.”

Aran snarled again and the hand he clamped around Ellie’s middle became a band hard enough to cause her breath to catch. She gasped and the hold loosened immediately.


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