Weekend Writing Warriors- holiday style

Happy 4th weekend everyone. 🙂 Lots of fun relaxing and eating. I also got to see Magic Mike XXL 🙂 Not a lot of plot but good times and two hours of entertainment. LOL. It’s good to be back for http://www.wewriwa.com. To follow along click the link. Today’s snippet is from A Warlord’s Heart. My heroine is chatting with one of the Warlords assigned to protect her.

“You might as well tell me.”
Kavan barely spared her a glance. “What do you speak of, Mikayla?”
She shot him a glare but his lips merely twitched at her dark look. “I know you went back inside to have a word with Su-Su Harol.”
“It was hard to miss since I asked you to wait.”
Miki bit back a laugh. Now was not the time to be amused with the usually stoic Warlord. “Just tell me if I need to be prepared for his anger later.”
“If any dare to take their displeasure out on you they will suffer my wrath.”


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