Sci-Fi Sale

Today I’m sharing a sale of sci-fi romances including Project Genesis. All of the books will be .99 for a limited time so don’t miss out.

99c Sci-fi RomanceProject Genesis

On the writing front, thank you to everyone who has emailed me about their enjoyment of Arak’s Love. I had a tiny change with the print cover which delayed the paperback release but all should be well by next week and those who like to hold a book in hand will be able to get a copy soon.

Lindsey has hit my favorite spot. Not. (I’m stuck, now what and all that jazz) Instead of staring at the scream and whining as usual, I took the mature route and set it on the side. I did go on a blurb frenzy and finished the blurb for her book as well as the blurbs for two other stories I’m brewing. One is a secret project story that I cant wait to share more details about but I need to get further along before putting it out there. I’m also working on another cover which puts me up by one since Lindsey’ cover is done. If you’ve signed up for my newsletter the cover reveal will be in August. The second (new)story is posted on my sunday snippet blog. Words are flying on that one and I haven’t gone back to read through it so I’m sure reading the finished draft will be amusing 🙂 🙂


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