Welcome to the last day of July

And happy Friday 🙂 I’m tempted to wonder where summer went. LOL. Time certainly is blowing by or maybe the older I get the faster the clock seems to move and there’s never enough time in the day, the week or the season. I do want to report that Arak’s Love is now available in paperback. YAY! I’m knee deep on A World Beyond 3 and pushed my way over a bit of a hump when my brain stalled on the story. I’m back in the groove thanks to an intense music session with my ipod. This weekend I plan to really knock out a lot since its a bit of a free weekend and next week will be busy.

Oh and not sure if I mentioned it but Torkel’s Chosen will be coming soon in audio 🙂 I can’t wait. Then I’m playing with a novella which I post snippets of on sundays. (feel free to check out) Last on my current to-do list is an interview with Overlord Vaan from the Warlord series and a short story for newsletter subscribers. (Just need to figure out how to do that) 🙂

Anything exciting going on with the weekend?


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