Something new pt 3-Wewriwa


I set this up really late because I almost forgot. Here’s hoping I’m not too punchy. Join me for the weekly blog hop at where authors share bits of their story. Today I’m continuing to plug along on a sci-fi romance involving a royal guard and a space commander.

Anticipation wetted his appetite as he listened to the Queen’s guests making meaningless conversation throughout the superb dinner. He listened to the Queen extol the virtues of the trip she planned to take with those pretending to hang on her every word. And he listened as a very drunk prime minister made sexual advances to the Senior Guard sitting on the Queen’s left. Cellimina Manx, lead guard for the Queen’s personal royal security force. The woman tied him in knots without trying.

Several painful hours later after dessert was served and consumed, the dinner party broke up. Jax continued on, walking around the small gathering and took the first hall on his left, knowing he didn’t have long to wait.

“Commander Brom?”

Jax grabbed her lush form and whispered, “Cellie.”

She dug her hands into his hair and yanked his face close.

There we go. Much hanky panky ensues. LOL 🙂


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