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Something New pt 5


Annnnd, the weekend is over :/ Why does it go so quickly when you’re having fun? I guess I need to pull up the big girl panties and deal. LOL. I’ve checked the last few posts and it looks like I can share another slice of life from the something new project I’m working on. Feel free to flip through the blog for the other segments. If you follow my FB author page, I hinted/kinda told who this story was about. Its connected to a prior release.

Right now, I’m just writing without thinking too much about it so forgive any errors. This is one of those stories that popped into my head and I needed to get it on paper. Not sure if it will be full length or short yet but I’m having a LOT of fun with these two. 🙂

Jax recognized Talire and two of Queen Cordelia’s body guards followed by Celli dressed in her sleek black uniform. A purple sash tied diagonal across her chest emphasized her full curves. At her shoulder an emblem bearing the Jessin crest marked Celli as a member of the royal guardsmen.

Jax clamped his hands into fists at his side to resist the urge to touch Celli when they drew near. Her uniform outlined every inch of her body, revealing Celli’s not so hidden passion for working out. Light muscles lined arms left bare by the shortened sleeves. Each step in the knee high black boots caused her thighs to pulse as her hips swiveled side to side.

The hypnotic gait drew his gaze downward to enjoy the sight. Jax remembered how he’d held her hips down as he took his pleasure between those firm thighs the night before. A man could be forgiven for missing the weapon at her right hip. 

Thoughts? Hate it, love it? LOL. Feel free to comment. Oh and if you know which book this is connected to you can share 🙂


2 thoughts on “Something New pt 5”

  1. DanielleDanielle

    I’m hooked. Anything you write I want to read. So far I haven’t been disappointed. I very much looking forward to more of Jax and Celli. Almost as much as Kavan’s story.

    September 2, 2015
  2. michellehowardwritesmichellehowardwrites

    Thanks Danielle. Glad you’re enjoying this. I’ve just picked a title for it. Hopefully I stick with it. LOL. Kavan’s story is going to be fun to write. He better not give me any trouble 🙂

    September 2, 2015

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