Weekend Writing Warriors-something new pt 6


I feel like I’ve been gone forever but it was only a few weeks in August. Ever have days where it feels like your juggling 5-10 plates without any training? That’s been my life recently. Nothing crazy just a lot going on and boxes to check. House stuff, school stuff, work stuff and…stuff. LOL. Its good to be back where I can see familiar faces and catch up on all the books I might have missed 🙂 Feel like following along? click the link and see whats brewing http://www.wewriwa.com.

Today I’m continuing with a work in progress that I refer to as Something New. I’ve bounced between the heroine Cellimina (no laughing) being called Cellie with an E or Celli ending in an I. (its pronounced sell-ie) The dilemma is because I have a character in another book named Ellie and then a secondary character in this book called Cordie. Clearly I have a problem. LOL. But I really liked her name for some reason as soon as I made it up. *shrug* What are you gonna do? Anyway this is another sci-fi romance that will probably be ready in the new year 2016 since I have a couple of other books ahead of it. Below Cellie and her friend Cordie are in a bit of trouble. I think I did 9 sentences instead of 10 to keep from ending on an odd note.

“What do we do, Cellimina?” Cordie gasped as rising smoke filled the transfer room.

Thoughts raced through Cellie’s mind as she tossed one idea out after the other. Clearly the computer was fried and they wouldn’t be able to use the transfer to get to the Zanian IX.

“We’re not done yet, Your Highness,” Cellie promised.

Though pale, Cordie bolstered. She smiled and her red eyes sparked. “I trust you Cellie. But what in the blazes do you think we can do before this whole thing blows.”




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