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Bound by Heat- A Dragon’s Promise excerpt


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Today I’m sharing an excerpt from JA Hornbuckle’s story in Bound by Heat. A Dragon’s Promise


Warrior Dragon Ti’eron is dedicated to fulfilling his duties to eradicate the alien invasion threatening Earth and all its inhabitants. The reappearance of Adri, the young girl he’d promised to live his ‘forever’ with years before, shatters his resolve and splits his focus.

Adri is instantly attracted to the young commander but refuses to accept the overwhelming desire they feel for one another is all Ti’eron is able to give. Especially in light of the oath he’d pledged to her when they were young.

And everyone knows a dragon never breaks his promise once given.

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At the sounds of boots being hastily removed and leather trousers being shed, I received a quick education.  When I’d first seen their ‘uniform’ of leather pants and long vests reaching to mid-thigh, I found them similar to what a biker might wear.  But as I quickly learned, they were also functional.  Mirroring Vanessa, I picked up the pants and rolled them around the warrior’s boots trying to keep my eyes off all the virile muscle on display beneath their long vests.

However, I couldn’t prevent my gasp or restrain my gaze as a warrior ran at full speed to the edge of the roof and jumped, his thick arms spread in a parody of a swan dive.  Just as his body was about to drop, his skin shimmered and a beautiful, but huge, blue dragon appeared, the color of his vest blending perfectly with the dragon’s amazing hide.  As the first dragon flew up and away, another warrior and then another jumped off the edge, the sun temporarily blanketed by blue and bronze wings.

Holy shit!  It was the most amazing sight I’d ever seen and I stood in slack-jawed wonder, all thoughts suspended as I watched the dragons cut through the air.

“Here,” a growly voice stated and I looked down at the wad of boots and leathers Ti’eron was shoving into my empty hands.  I must have dropped the others I’d been holding before, shocked as I’d watched men jump off the roof and morph into dragon-form.  I raised my gaze to his face and his blue irises were no longer softly swirling but positively spinning.  There was uncertainty in his face and he glanced away for a second before turning back to me, as if he’d made some sort of decision.

Snagging the back of my neck, he yanked me forward, planting a firm but brief kiss on my lips before he, too, ran towards the edge of the roof.  A thrill shot through me as Ti’eron the man was replaced by the largest, most gorgeous, bronze beast in the sky.  Or at least, that’s how I saw it.