Wewriwa #8sunday

Clearly my brain was on lunch and I was late posting today but welcome to my fellow writing warriors from http://www.wewrwa.com and anyone popping in. Its been a busy and strenuous few months but its the holiday season so you push on 🙂 Today, I’m sharing from my dragon story in Bound by Heat. Here’s a light scene from Rylin’s Fire

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00026]


Heart lightened and his Dracol in the mood to play, Ry leaned far to the side. Enough to make her hips lift in the seat she maintained.

“Rylin!” Her arms clamped tight around his neck as she laughed in husky bursts. “Dracol, not dragon. Dracol already.”

He straightened his flight, swishing more water on her until her laughter sputtered to chuckles. Ry aimed for the side of the lake where lush grass created a private oasis and landed in a running stop. He held up a clawed hand and Dara clung to his grip as he helped her down in his cupped palm.


One response to “Wewriwa #8sunday

  • Hsu Lee

    “Bound by Heat” – Rylin’s Fire
    I loved this book
    Are we going to read more about the babies?
    Is there going to a novella about the 5 babies?
    Love your work.

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