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Focus 2016


I think one of my words for 2016 is FOCUS. I plan to be a lot more focused in terms of my writing time. It’s been off kilter a bit and now I need to play catch up. I’ve got covers in the works, blurbs in the works and stories to finish. I think I may ease up on  my blogging too and take it to once a week or so to help with the focus challenge.

Winter has also arrived and temperatures have taken a nosedive requiring us to pull out the winter coats. (at last) We even had a brief morning of flurries last week. The kids took a bit but are back in the swing of going to school so we’re gradually getting a routine around here again.

2 thoughts on “Focus 2016”

  1. Susan GourleySusan Gourley

    I’m only blogging twice per week and that helps with my writing time. My daughter going back to college tomorrow will help also. She’s a wonderful distraction.

    January 10, 2016
  2. michellehowardwritesmichellehowardwrites

    That sounds like a good idea Susan. Glad you spent time with your lovely daughter 🙂

    January 14, 2016

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