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Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author

Connections and series…did I? LOL


A few people have emailed or posted asking if my books are connected outside a series context. The simple answer is YES. LOL. Mating Urge first introduces the Jutaks since the hero sends his heroine to Enotia with Torkel’s Unit for protection. The hero in Love Like No Other is the Commander of the hero from Mating Urge. The next book to round out that trio will be about Queen Cordelia who is good friends with the heroine from Love Like No Other and her hero makes a brief appearance in Lindsey’s Rescue and Love Like No Other. Can you guess who he is? ROFL.

Also very thinly connected is my so far solo book in the Alpha Squad series titled Project Genesis. The aliens who attack Earth are the same aliens that the Alliance complains about in A King’s Revenge which is a part of my Warlord series. The reference is so tiny that its easy to miss but I like throwing in tiny details like that. So there you have it 🙂