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Spring break and thank you


I want to  thank all the readers who bought Rylin’s Fire and gave it such a fantastic release. Thanks also for the emails and the messages about how much you enjoyed my dragon story. Yes, there will be stories for the other Kings of the Dracol and yes we will get to see the dragon babies hatch.

So spring break is coming which means a bit of craziness in the house. The kids were told to plan one day each which means I have 3 days of activities plus their friends :/ I’ll be a trooper and smile through all the yelling and laughing while every bit of food in the house is sucked up and then I’ll squeeze in writing during the wee hours of the night. Just me and the dog. LOL. The husband will more than likely hide or pretend to work late.


My next preorder is up and it’s book 4 in my A World Beyond series. I’m super nervous about Kyele (pronounced Ky-el)but hope readers love him as much as Joni and I do. I posted teasers throughout February while I worked on him and its been fun seeing the story unfold. In fact, I already know who the next book is about and its not who I planned at all

🙁 Wait that should be 🙂 because while I didn’t expect him to be a hero yet the one scene I wrote already knocked me in my chest because it seems like the poor guy is going to have some…trouble.

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  1. Susan GourleySusan Gourley

    I hope the spring break goes well. I’m sure you love having the kids around a lot but also miss not having them around. I know the feeling.

    March 28, 2016

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