Release Day-Kyele’s Passion

First, I’m guest blogging at romance author Susan Gourley’s site about my Kindle World book Taste of Wicked. I met Susan after reading The Marine’s Queen (amazon) and instantly became a fan 🙂 Please visit and comment

Next, it’s release day for my latest A World Beyond book. Well, some readers  down under already got it. 🙂 (Australia) I’ll celebrate with a starbucks or strawberry shortcake from Cheesecake Factory. I haven’t decided yet. This year has been a bit slow in terms of writing but I’m trying to get in the groove. My current WIP is a book in my Warlord series. Naked torsos and sword fighting. YAY! I have 2 books percolating in my head for my warrior heroes. I’ll post more as it gets closer to completion. My newsletter subscribers will received all information first as well as exclusive excerpts of course.

In the mean time-Go Kyele!


Available at all retailers


barnes and noble



Print/paperback is also out now.




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