So the family and I went away for a small vacation. We just needed a nice getaway and some time to relax. As the children get older, I realize that these moments may become more and more a thing of the past. We went to Orlando (my favorite place) and visited Universal Studios. We’ve been to all of the parks now and I feel as if I’m complete. LOL. Here’s a picture of the way cool bumblebee if you’re a transformer fan (like me) and a picture of the machines from Terminator 2.

bumblebeepicterminator pic

I’m such a geek but luckily the kids humored me 🙂 Taking time like this also recharges my batteries. While away I managed 3k words on my current WIP. That’s roughly 5-6 pages typed. Yay for the Warlords!! Oh, and I jotted some notes on a paranormal shifter trilogy. Might be able to get it out this year if the other stuff doesn’t hold me back. LOL.


What do you do to recharge and refresh?



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