Who’s Next? New Release

What am I working on next? If you’ve been reading my newsletters or the author notes in the back of my books then you probably have a good idea. If you’ve missed those tidbits then let me assure you that I am hard at work on my Warlord book. It’s giving me quite the time but I’m having fun with it and surprising myself with some of the turns its taking. 🙂 My hope is to get the book up for preorder and release this summer. In the mean time, its looking like my narrator will have Lindsey’s Rescue in audio soon!! I’m excited to get the next installment of the A World Beyond books out to my audiobook lovers. When I have the release dates for the Warlord book and Lindsey’s audio I’ll be sure to post it 🙂 That reminds me that I need to get a cover for the Warlord book. I already have 7 future covers done but not this one. YIKES!

Oh, I don’t want to forget that we have more warlord books coming in audio as well. ((big grin)) Its been a real ride listening to my books aloud.



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