Schools starting…

Ugh, Argh and sigh. Can you tell I’m not really a fan of this? LOL. This is the first summer where the kids didn’t drive me up the wall. It was quite relaxing for the most part. This might have something to do with their age. As they get older they require less parental attention. In fact, I’m pretty sure they prefer it 🙂 We didn’t do a lot which also kept things from being too hectic. A water park, a trip to New York and a few friend hang out days filled with movies, lunches, laser tag and a  loud moments in the house made up most of their vacation. This weekend I dragged myself to the store to buy tissue, glue and pencils of which only the pencils will get used (as usual). Clothes were easy since they live in jeans and tee shirts. I, however, snagged a few unneeded things for myself. ROFL.

With an empty house, I’m sure to get more writing done but I’ll be working on less sleep since I’ll be doing the super early morning wake up and run around. Wish me luck!

Anyone else preparing to send their brood off?


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