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Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author

Here’s a little peek at my Current project-Rydak’s Fall


Just thought I’d drop a little something here to share. LOL. Excuse any errors as this is a rough. Have a great weekend.


Rydak’s Fall

“You should do that more.”

Lost, Rydak blinked in the darkness, shadows shifting about in a thin stream of light provided by a crack between the crevices. “Do what more?”

“Laugh. Occasionally you smile but you hardly ever laugh.”

There wasn’t much left in his life to laugh over. He had one living family member left and the Unit. That was it. They were his family. His brethren. And not once had any of those men ever let him down.

Those on Team Three comprised the strongest and most powerful of any other Jutak team on active status. They received more calls than Team One or Team Two and more often than not took the most dangerous missions when they were sent out.

Not that Rydak minded. He’d become a Jutak to serve and to put his inborn skills to use. It gave him purpose and some measure of satisfaction to use it for the good of his people. Rydak needed the Jutaks as much as they needed him. Otherwise his life would have been spent regretting his differences a long time ago.

Unwilling to travel that path, Rydak redirected the conversation. “What are the odds I receive the blame for this.”

None of then would ever blame one another but his question caused Jahul to burst into a robust laugh which ended on a wheeze. Rydak braced an arm around his friend’s shoulder.

“I will see to it they all know you were slow, Jaard and I had to turn back for you.”

Leaning his head against the wall behind him to wait, Rydak grinned.