Have you caught up? Rydak’s Fall coming soon

Interested in how Lissi met Rydak?? Need more action and love from our favorite team of sci fi soldiers? Well, it’s here. Rydak’s Fall continues with more from the Jutak warriors. This one focusing on the leader of Team 3.





Print will be released the same week as ebook. Audio will follow.

**sneak peek**

Lissi ran her hands over his face, touching his exposed cheeks, his nose. Rydak didn’t stop her. Later tonight, he was going to pay for every stroke, every touch. Such bliss would always come with a price for him.

“You don’t know what you are starting,” he grated harshly.

She closed her eyes, straining toward him, the slim column of her throat stretched out. “Show me, Rydak. Show me what I am starting.”


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