Hard at work

So for every release I get a day or two off then its back to work. Now that we’re about a week after Embrace the Romance containing my story Wired for Love its time to get back at it. I have a book thats off to get edited, a book set for preorder and now I’m cleaning up my next A World Beyond book. (I wrote it last year for nano so there are scenes I want to tweek) Speaking of nano, I have a vague idea of what to work on November 1st. Don’t hold me to it because my mind changes like the wind but I think I’m doing the demon Queen from Love Like No Other. I’ve known who her hero is for some time now and I’m excited to dive in. Of course I’ve been tinkering with a contemporary story idea- my first since No Reason to Run. Lots of stories to tell and my engine is finally revving back up after some sluggish starts.

Oh and I’ll be able to share more about the release coming after Rydak’s Fall in a few weeks I hope.


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