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Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author

Jaron’s coming


Wow, little more than a week and Jaron’s Promise will drop to ereaders. 9 days to be exact. Preorder available if you’re like me and stay up til midnight to get a peek at your newest releases. LOL.

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Let’s revisit a sneak peek I shared with my newsletter subscribers a ways back.

“Interesting, isn’t it?”

Jaron faced Dr. Kirkem worried he’d revealed his thoughts. He sat forward and braced his elbows on his knees. “What is?”

The Collector continued staring at the screen as he responded. “Attachments are created in the oddest situations.”

A guard entered the room and went straight to the blue skinned Ari. Unable to do anything, Jaron watched as the already weakened male was hit repeatedly with a shock stick. He awakened on a cry, body jerking until he collapsed in a shuddering ball on the floor. Eyes narrowed, Jaron breathed through his nose and didn’t say anything.

“Nature creates this instinct to form bonds,” Dr. Kirkem continued. “Even when we don’t want them. That’s what happened with me and my Joni. Something about her drew me.”

Jaron’s gaze flickered, but he kept it on the screen as the guard headed for Minu’s cage next. The door opened remotely. As he watched, the female received a brutal beating with the guard kicking and punching her. Minu had no defense and attempted to protect herself by ducking low and wrapping her arms about her head until she slumped to the floor unconscious, dark bruising already appearing on her arms and legs.

Jaron’s breath hitched as the guard stopped before a growling Sasha. Everything in him stilled. His heartrate took off, the beats banging against his chest and he wasn’t sure how he’d react if forced to witness an attack on her.

“Now here is where I get sentimental. Out of my care for Joni, I offer you a choice, Jutak.”

The guard dragged a wicked sharp knife from the leather about his waist. Jaron’s fingers flexed but he kept them on his knees and turned his attention toward Dr. Kirkem. Whatever he heard wouldn’t be good. Nothing that happened here was good and it didn’t pay to pretend otherwise.

When Jaron didn’t answer, Dr. Kirkem squeezed his hand tight on the data pad. Jaron worked hard to appear unaffected. “Here’s my offer. The Argoran or the Earth woman.”

Forcing himself to stay in his chair and not go for the crazy scientist was difficult. He couldn’t fathom the question. “What about them?”

“You disappoint me.” Dr. Kirkem tapped a few keys, then lifted the data pad to his mouth. “The Earthling.”

The guard spun away from Sasha and approached the other cell. He entered and ignored Luna’s pleas. Jaron shot to his feet but when Dr. Kirkem held up his other hand with a remote, Jaron fisted his hands at his side, chest heaving.

“I will gas them now and kill them all unless you…sit…back…in…the…chair.”

On screen, the first slash went across Luna’s hip, spraying blood. Jaron bit his inner cheek, the pain jolting him. He kept his voice low and calm. “Stop hurting her.”

“Sit now!” Dr. Kirkem roared, his eyes flaring with the light of madness.

Another slash and Luna screamed.

Sweat trickling down the back of his neck, Jaron sat. “Enough! I’m sitting. Stop him.”

“That’s all for now, Hirtok.”

The guard obeyed the order and sheathed his knife, walking out of the cell while Luna’s blood ran across the floor of her cell in thin trails.

Dr. Kirkem pressed his fingers to the bridge of his nose and sighed. “Once more. A simple question. How is my Joni?”


Buy Links: kobo  barnes and noble ibooks amazon