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Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author

Update on books and conference


I’m back home and settled in. RTCOttawa was amazing. Eve Langlais is a great hostess and it was especially nice to get to meet other authors as well as readers to talk about my favorite thing: romance books. 🙂

Now, I’m back to work. I’ve got a good chunk of the 3rd Dracol book written which is Faris’ story and I have his cover.Whooowee, is it a thing of beauty. I’ll share it when I get closer to completion and the editing stuff. I’m also working on another A World Beyond which won’t be ready until early 2019. Here’s a hint on the hero 😉 **unedited of course**

V’hor bowed low, part respect and part grief. He stayed down until he was sure he wouldn’t show the emotions roiling inside. Of course she’d take this action. Banishing him would hurt in a way that would linger. When he stood straight once more, his Matire added, “Do you still wish to be this Jutak warrior? Is the cost worth it?”

Despite the verbal and emotional abuse he suffered at her hands, she was still his Matire. If he pursued his dream, he’d no longer be able to see her. His sisters. They’d been together since birth.