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.99 cent sale Kyele’s Passion


That’s right, I’m having a sale!! For the first time ever, Kyele’s Passion will be discounted on all retailers to .99. Kyele is book 4 in A World Beyond and features my scarred soldier who finds love with a tough Earth woman who is his equal. This is available in ebook, print and audio. Take a sneak peek.

She spun him around to face her. “You’re going to be behind me?”

Shadows played over his face. “Yes.”

The green hue of his eyes darkened. He lied. Joni didn’t know how she knew but she did. Her stomach twisted into knots. The thought of Kyele hurt gave her chills.

Glaring for good measure, she fisted his shirt and leaned in close. Now wasn’t the time to be scared. She put as much iron will in her voice as she could muster. “You better not let anything happen to you, Kyele. You won’t like what I’ll do.”

The corner of his lips curled, recognizing the play on the words he’d spoken to her earlier. He clasped one of her hands and kissed her knuckles, melting Joni with the simple gesture. “Go, little Earthling.”

Joni ran.

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Being a Jutak warrior is all Kyele Bastien cares about until one mission changes everything. The Earth female has carved a place in his heart without even trying and now he’ll do anything to make sure nothing ever hurts her again.

 Rescued from a Marenian slave auction, Joni Miller is relieved to have her life back but there’s one man making it difficult to remember why she shouldn’t want to think about happy ever after any more.

 An enemy’s need for revenge puts Joni in the path of danger and unleashes the fury of an elite soldier with dark abilities.