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Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author

Bane’s Heart excerpt


The excerpt is here. I promised I’d post one so it is below. This is different from the one I shared in my newsletter since that one is exclusive to them. Enjoy!

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Bane’s Heart-excerpt

Bane held Dharma in his arms as she slept. Her expression was one of bliss. He released the breath he’d been holding. Not every female was open to the fila telarum. It was rare he got the opportunity to appease that part of his nature and perform the ritual before sex sharing. Some females panicked at being bound. Usually he managed to get as far as the knees and they began crying and asking him to stop.

Knowing Dharma’s feelings about closed in spaces had worried him. He stared at the sleeping face next to his. She had been scared but hadn’t stopped him. His cock hardened, the throb almost painful. Nothing fueled his arousal more than a female facing her fear. She was stronger than she probably knew.

He stroked his fingers over her cheeks. In another few minutes, he’d have to release her from his webbing. It wouldn’t be comfortable for much longer as the tensile threads had a tendency to constrict. He didn’t want to risk causing her stiffness or injury.

For now, he enjoyed the sight. This was an image he’d carry with him far beyond this night. His maman had tried to explain what it would feel like, the emotions he’d experience if a female allowed him to complete the process fully. His imagination hadn’t come close. Bane closed his eyes and rested his forehead against Dharma’s. Her trust was a beautiful gift. He’d bind her in his silk every night if he could and dare any who thought to harm her.

Which was new. These feelings were beyond physical. There was an unexpected edge to his desire for Dharma. As much as he wanted to sex share with her, he also wanted to protect her. On the surface she seemed tough, her demeanor warning any from getting close. But beyond that, Bane perceived something softer, a sweetness she’d been forced to hide. Something or someone had left her leery of genuine connections and he wanted to break through that barrier for all to see what he did. Her beauty.