Michelle Howard – - Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author
Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author

Nikol’s Surrender Sneak Peek #4


Here is your weekly advance look at Nikol. Enjoy!
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He palmed her face, stopping her from investigating the way she wanted. “I am warning you. Do not bite me, astéri. I would hate to end this night with you over my knee.”

Darcy shook her head and smirked up the length of his torso to see him watching her warily. Her body already stung with the marks his teeth had left. “I assumed the biting was a two way thing. You do me, I do you.”

Raw lust sprung to life, brightening his eyes to a golden shade of brown. “Ahh, but I have not bit you there. If it is your true desire, I will assuredly satisfy your craving and take that part of you in my mouth, Darcy. Choose wisely.”

“You’re an animal.”

“Indeed,” he uttered without remorse.