Michelle Howard – - Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author
Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author

As Darkness Snippet


Want a tease? Here’s a little peek at what to expect from my upcoming zombie romance As Darkness Spreads.
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Venik concentrated on not falling on his face as they walked. He would not humiliate himself in front of one of the primitives. She stayed by his side and lowered him onto a long frame with soft cushions in a cubed shape. Once he was seated, she surprised Venik by kneeling between his parted thighs and looking up to him.

A smile curved her fleshy lips, giving him a closer look at her small oblong teeth. These humanoids looked nothing like any species he’d ever come across before. She rubbed his upper thighs though he couldn’t feel the touch through his armor and said, “I think you need to rest before you try and leave, mister.”

Mister. A name or title of respect like lim, he roughly understood. His translator was still storing data. He crossed his arms over his chest in greeting and inclined his head. “Venik Avar.”

“Your name? Nice. I’m Dawn. Dawn Reavers.”

He wanted to question her about her strange ways, but his mind kept spiraling and the few words he now knew slipped through his mental grasp. Venik fought the fog, but his body was in desperate need of healing.

“I hope I’m not being a fool and you hurt me.”

Hurt. He recognized that word too.

“Safff—ve.” His voice dragged off and Venik’s head fell onto the sloped back of the furniture behind him before he could share he was here to save her world.