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As Darkness Spreads-teaser #4


One week! Just 7 more days until As Darkness Spreads hits your ereaders. I hope you all fall in love with John Penny, Venik, Dawn and the crew 🙂

Coming March 30th.

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John glanced over his shoulder. Coming from the opposite direction, three of the walking dead had managed to close in on Rux and Lexie. Their new positioning blocked the two off from the others. Rux hunched his shoulders, covering as much of his niece’s body as possible.

His armor would protect him but Lexie only wore the shirt and jeans she’d had on when they rescued her.

“Go to hover,” John ordered, slowing down and turning with one booted foot on the ground to control the speed of his spin. Gravel sprayed in a fine arc, but the cycle responded like the expensive piece of machinery it was.

Rux’s bike rose instantly a good four feet from the ground but it wasn’t enough. Two of the moaning creatures leaped up, slapping at Rux’s armor covered back. One actually grabbed his leg and tried to pull him from the bike. Lexie screamed.

The sound spurred everyone into hyper awareness in an already adrenaline fueled moment. Granger shot forward and cut off the third zombie who attempted to join in. Rux lashed out with a boot and kicked the drooling woman back.

John whipped out his weapon from the strap over his back with one hand and held the cycle steady with the other. “Shoot to kill.”

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  1. TeriTeri

    Can’t wait! I am so excited about this book! The zombie apocalypse 😂😂😂

    March 27, 2021

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