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Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author

His Unexpected Mate-teaser


I have a new release out. If you havent tried it, here’s a little teaser
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“Damn you, Amar,” she whispered then choked on a chuckle. “I was going to let you know I liked you when you came back. Ask to officially start dating and be a couple. I didn’t think you’d be gone so long and now I might not get the chance.”

There was a pause. Then his voice lowered, “I’m back. Ask me now.”

“Now?!” Scarlett laughed again. Was this how hysteria started? She took a moment to check the signage. They were on the fourth floor. Almost to the bottom. She considered herself in good shape by any means but going down all of these flights of stairs was a true test in endurance.

Focusing on the comm kept her calm in a way despite her burning thighs. Had that been his intent with the demand?

“Ask me, Scarlett,” he repeated. “Ask me right now because nothing’s going to happen to you.”