Michelle Howard – - Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author
Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author

As Dawn Rises-teaser #2


3 weeks til the big release day for As Dawn Rises book 2 in the Vassi Contact.
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“Don’t be obtuse,” Dawn snapped. “Half those on this ship don’t like me and the other half don’t know what to think.”

“They need time to adjust. It isn’t usually like this when a new species is identified,” Venik explained.

“Then why now? Why me?” She didn’t understand the low hum of animosity she received. It couldn’t all be due to her alien status. Like he said, they ran across a lot of other beings from different planets. She was far from the first.

He pursed his lips then straightened to his full height and locked his hands behind his back. The stiff posture was one she recognized and meant to convey his superiority. “I believe the fault is mine. The attention I’ve given you has been noted.”

“So you’re not allowed to care for me because I’m human? Even if you like me?”

He jolted, the hungry look in his gaze catching her attention before he masked his expression. “My apologies to you. Vassi do not join with females outside our race. Ever. I should have made this clear long before now.”