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As Dawn Rises-teaser #4


Here’s the final teaser for As Dawn Rises before it releases next week. Woot!

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“No.” She shook her head rapidly. “No threats. We aren’t a couple. You’re not anything to me. Just a mistake.”

He flinched. “Dawn Re—”

She slashed her hand in the air between them. “Dawn. Or lom Dawn as is respectable for someone you haven’t shared intimate contact.”

He flinched then moved closer. This time Dawn was the one who took a step back. His eyes narrowed at the defensive maneuver. “Why are you doing this?”

She huffed. “How can you ask that? You won’t even let me kiss you. I have no idea if I’m alone in what I’m feeling because you won’t say. Your culture says we can’t be together, yet every time I turn around you’re there when I need you.”

Another stupid tear slid out. Dawn swiped it away. “It hurts, Venik.”

“My apologies aren’t enough if you’re crying.”

Dawn choked on a laugh. “You don’t get it. Stop being nice.”

He cupped her jaw and tipped her face up. His oversized finger brushed at the wet track left by her tear. “I can’t.”

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  1. Adaiah La VondaAdaiah La Vonda

    Preordered! Can’t wait to read it.

    September 25, 2021

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